Quel Homme de Hus

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Zangersheide, Selle Français, Holsteiner, Italian Stud-book, SBS
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Frozen semen 700 € HT (+6%) per straw

Frozen semen with full mare guarantee on 01/10 and live foal. 400 € HT (6%) or 424 € TTC of technical fees payable on booking + 1800 € HT (6%) i.e. 1908 € TTC payable on 1 October 2022 full mare associated with a live foal guarantee valid for a new use in 2023.

ICSI: 400 € HT (6%) for the cost of making the semen available + 700 € HT (6%) per frozen embryo produced.

TESTED NEGATIVE FOR WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome) - NON CARRIER

Bronze at the Olympics in Tokyo

Quel Homme is a horse with an extraordinary character and temperament. He is endowed with kindness and real ease. He stands out for his elegance, strength, flexibility and respect.

The dam of QUEL HOMME DE HUS, P. Hawaii also produced Lauderdale, a good winner in the 1m40 races. Based in Poland, it mainly has a production in the field of dressage. QUEL HOMME DE HUS 'sire, Candillo Z, is an excellent and consistent sire of dams. Descendant of Cassini I, having himself made a large contribution to Holsteiner breeding over the past 20 years. He produced selling horses which are famous around the world. The same genetic qualities are found in Candillo Z.

The 2nd dam of QUEL HOMME DE HUS, Hawaii also produced Legolas, very good international winner under German colors, Erik der Roteet Lennie 3, good winners in 1m50 classes and Caraccho, good winner in 1m40 classes. This dam line is also the source of the approved stallions L'Esprit, Corando and Efremov.

His promising young offspring bring out all the qualities that you are looking for in a modern sporthorse. His products have a very good canter quality, flexibility, balance and an exceptional back movement.

Having a 5* health check is particularly important for breeders and riders, which he will pass on to his offspring.

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